About GlitzyPalace

I work for hospitality industry for more than a decade across different countries from upscale to high-end luxury hotels. My role switches between service provider and guest depends where I am. Thanks to my job expertise and personal experiences, it gives me a unique and objective point of view when I look at complaints. We all know nothing is perfect or flawless. Let’s admit that.

Service provider and guest are two different groups of people but have some common ground. The best hotel could make mistakes, and the most frequent traveler could also misjudge the service they received. It depends on various facts e.g. time, location, family issue, challenge at work, miscommunication etc.. Let’s take a deep breath, calm down and talk it through. Service provider wants to keep providing amazing products and services, they don’t want one-time business. Guest wants to experience the products and service they deserve, get the value of money they’ve paid. It’s not so hard to discover that the majority is decent, we are just human beings.

However, at this point, you may think of online guest feedback system that are popularly used in today’s digital world. It’s been recognized by the world a proven useful tool that connects service provider and guest. Giving insights so that service provider can improve whatever below the expectation and giving guest a channel to speak out. This transparent environment. Guest can post their reviews as soon as they depart from hotel, some other websites even allow guest to write reviews without validating if the guest is truly stayed there. No doubt the second one will create misleading or inaccurate voice of guest. Some organizations or individuals, they go undercover, carry hidden camera, stay in one of expensive hotels, capture the unspoken non-standard service procedures. When they check out, they unveil them into the public. It’s difficult to tell whether they are helpping or messing up the situation. Agree or disagree, every coin has two sides.

If someone you love makes mistakes, you don’t beat them with fist or make them lose face in the eyes of public and say: “hey you are a loser! I gotcha!! don’t talk, I have evidence!” Evidence seems making all winning cards in their hand. But all stories have more than one fact or cause. Including this one.

Funny thing is, some unknown bloggers posted articles that say somewhere sometime in the past some guest rooms were in so much mess and disorder anywhere after guest departure (trash was all jumbled up, stains everywhere, furniture was broken, the room was like got robbed etc.) This is already becoming a fight back to those undercover “trouble maker”.

For both parties, it’s way too easy to make comments about each other over the internet without taking any responsibilities. But let me be straight, making comments without even thinking about the consequences or selectively ignore certain facts is just as same as making a crime.

Even myself, I could tell you a thousand true touching service stories and another thousand  unreasonable guest demands. However from the deep of my heart I know there is always root causes beneath what we are seeing. “Seeing is believing” is NOT always true. This isn’t a war. We don’t need TV or social media to tell us what to do, our very heart will tell us. We can help the hospitality industry AND travelers without hurting each other. Let me ask you: if there is such thing on the planet – helping without hurting, wouldn’t you want that?