31 Jul 2018

If I could reach home and finish my dinner before 09:00 p.m., I could still catch up routine exercise and have good sleep. Perfect plan doesn’t change the outcome, execution does. If you couldn’t achieve your goal after several attempts, don’t change your goal. Adjust your action plans.

11 Jul 2018

I think there is no point in sharing what you are(were) eating, where you are(were) and what you are about to do on social media, I mean when they talk about mansions, luxurious stuff, things that are driving corporeal benefits. People are very happy to share those things not entirely because other people care about it and why others should care? People share those because they actually want others to know, there is self-centered motivation in it. The more people share about themselves the lonelier, more unconfident they are, they want to be recognized by others. Ok, there is nothing wrong for them to share it, literally they can do whatever and however to the things they own. But interesting thing is, those who don’t actually own luxurious stuff, they still want to pretend they do by “borrowing” from others. Dose it really matter how others think of you? I’m afraid, for some group of people, yes. Their value is driven by desire of corporeal benefits. it makes people so vulnerable when they starting losing control over those things. That’s one reason why social media is becoming so popular, they simply wants to share their advantage among others. It is too sad that many young people get so excited about corporeal benefits too, of course there is nothing wrong to pursuit those things, but when those things become as their priority or major objective of life, they will easily lose control, they don’t drive their purpose of life anymore, it’s the one who they think they are in other people’s eyes starts taking wheels.