How to drive hotel online reputation?

This is one of the most common questions that hoteliers often think. and I’m pretty sure you can get thousands of answers over the internet. No matter how many answers are there, the key points are not surprisingly the same.

Guest Satisfaction

In order to get a happy guest to write something about you positively on the internet. he/she must be happy or satisfied in the needs by whatever you have done (or even exceeding or beyond the expectation). Therefore, guest satisfaction has to come before everything else. The key of the keys. that means everything you’ve done or you are doing or you are going to do is for achieving the ultimate guest experience. Let me give you some examples:

a) Ninety-nine guest out of a hundred in a certain period of time saying your room is super hot, you should have someone to investigate what are the facts that caused this problem. to  keep a comfortable temperature is a basic needs. People could not live if it is super cold or super hot. This is as same as Wi-Fi, you always expect to stay connected wherever you go. If you don’t fix that, don’t expect those guests to give you good review. Make sure any of the basic service is not missing from your day to day operation.

b) Provide something before guest asking. Get handicap guest a wheelchair during the stay; Get a baby chair when you see a young mother holding with her baby, as soon as they enter your restaurant; If you see a guest is roaming around, you could simple ask “How can I help?” This is proactive and personalized service. Whatever you are going to do might not be written on the job description or standard operating procedure. but you’ve got to foresee guest needs to act upon that.

c) A guest comes and ask you if there is any acrobatic show in the city. You are very happy to tell the guest yes these is. The guest is excited about it and asks you to book a ticket. but the show will be closed in next 30 minutes and this guest will depart from hotel the next day. It is totally ok to say: “I’m sorry, Sir. Unfortunately the show will be finished by 22:00, it will be closed once you get there even by car.” This is something beyond your control, and guest will not blame you for not being able to see the show. However you can always try to reverse the situation. Going extra miles or provide the experience beyond guest expectations. The concierge told this story to housekeeping team, they came up with this little idea: they made a towel animals and put them in the room where the guest can easily see them as soon as they enter the room, a hand-written card lying next it that says some simple words but sounds very touching. A simple gesture makes all the difference.

To be continued.